Definition of animal cracker in English:

animal cracker

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  • A type of sweet cracker or cookie made in the shapes of various animals.

    ‘It seemed like even less of a big deal as I ate my animal crackers.’
    • ‘Children may receive a blessed animal cracker by showing the Minster that they can cross their eyes.’
    • ‘Chase sat in a high chair, playing with animal crackers, and making small humming noises, which were beginning to get on my nerves.’
    • ‘In ‘Where the Heart Is’, the store has no screaming kids, no floors covered with crushed up animal crackers, no banged-up merchandise or surly employees.’
    • ‘And where else could 1611 be entertained at a pool, stay dry ao well and get a bag of chocolate-flavored animal crackers for a quarter?’
    • ‘‘Yes, definitely,’ Aimee opened a bag of animal crackers and pulled out a lion.’
    • ‘Five and ½ hours, four Diet Cokes, and a small box of animal crackers later, I took my discman off.’
    • ‘On work days, along with packed lunch, he took a couple of nutritious snacks, such as raisins, unsalted nuts or animal crackers.’
    • ‘Now Butler has made the grade by adding vanilla and strawberry-flavored milk and animal crackers to the menu.’
    • ‘Afterwards, she sat nibbling on the animal crackers without saying a word.’
    • ‘He still liked his special treats, animal crackers, that I bought in large bags just for my boys.’
    • ‘Did you know they need 6,000 miles of string a year just for the animal crackers box?’
    • ‘Pennsylvanians invented both the pretzel and the animal cracker.’
    • ‘Her mother laughed her shrill little laugh, and Halle saw Sam pull out an animal cracker.’
    • ‘She wiped Christy's face with a tissue and gave her an animal cracker to cheer her up.’
    • ‘At the moment, Elaine was sitting on her bed eating animal crackers and reading a romance novel.’
    • ‘Gabriella asked, sitting down and helping herself to some of Elaine's animal crackers.’
    • ‘The barber offered Josh a larger than usual handful of animal crackers from the jar on his shelf.’
    • ‘Unlike the sweet animal crackers in the familiar circus box, these boast a savory cheese flavor.’
    • ‘How many different animals are there in a box of animal crackers? i know there is the lion the bear and zebra.’