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animal husbandry

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  • The science of breeding and caring for farm animals.

    ‘Organic farming requires the farmer to be a better farmer, a more observant farmer, a farmer who practices careful agronomy and conscientious animal husbandry.’
    • ‘More importantly, rationale policies are urgently needed to promote rational use of antibiotics in poultry, animal husbandry and agriculture.’
    • ‘Agriculture is primarily subsistence farming and animal husbandry.’
    • ‘Also expanding steadily are the bilateral exchanges and cooperation in science and technology, agriculture and animal husbandry.’
    • ‘Organic techniques have been developed from an understanding of and research into soil science, crop breeding, animal husbandry and ecology.’
    • ‘They depend on shifting agriculture, complemented by animal husbandry, hunting, fishing, and gathering for their livelihood.’
    • ‘Farmers should be encouraged to venture into allied activities like animal husbandry and nursery farming to supplement their income.’
    • ‘They have been developed with the intention of encouraging beef and sheep farmers to adopt and maintain the highest standards of farm animal husbandry.’
    • ‘The ideal modern farm using ecological and traditional methods integrates plant and animal husbandry.’
    • ‘Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishing employ the large majority of the total active population.’
    • ‘The traditional economy of subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry was replaced by a commercial economy, centered in expanding urban areas.’
    • ‘They settled the main islands and developed land-based communities, first with agriculture and then through animal husbandry, particularly pigs.’
    • ‘The focus of agricultural extension efforts is mainly on achieving higher productivity, whether in field of agriculture, animal husbandry or dairy.’
    • ‘Many people are dependent on agriculture and on animal husbandry to make a living and there is a clear danger of food and fodder shortages and longer-term economic problems as a result of lost livelihoods.’
    • ‘The third thread Clarke discusses is that of agriculture, particularly animal husbandry and the effort to better understand breeding.’
    • ‘Only the Mediterranean coast has rain that is reliable enough to support marginal human activity, with some agriculture and animal husbandry.’
    • ‘Jacobs contends that both animal husbandry and agriculture were most likely to have originated in the earliest urban settlements.’
    • ‘A return to small scale peasant agriculture and animal husbandry could even make the enforcing of proper hygiene and disease control more difficult.’
    • ‘The mainstay of the local economy is agriculture and animal husbandry.’
    • ‘No agriculture or animal husbandry was practised, subsistence economies being based on hunting and fishing.’


animal husbandry

/ˈanəməl ˈhəzbəndrē/ /ˈænəməl ˈhəzbəndri/