Definition of animal rightist in English:

animal rightist


  • A person who campaigns for the rights of animals to live free from human exploitation and abuse.

    ‘animal rightists hurled themselves between the harpoons and the whale’
    • ‘Animal rightists focus only on rare instances of animal abuse, pretending that the exception is the rule.’
    • ‘Animal rightists oppose the domestication of animals.’
    • ‘Only 11 farmers would be affected, and they had already indicated that after years of harassment by animal rightists, they were ready to throw in the towel in return for compensation.’
    • ‘Intimidation from animal rightists combined with one of the world's strictest regimes controlling animal testing are stifling the country's medical research.’
    • ‘The jewel in the crown for Britain's animal rightists has long been hunting with dogs.’
    • ‘Animal rightists concentrate on whether "human beings have the right to view animals as resources and what rights animals are entitled to as living, feeling beings."’
    • ‘Animal rightists are pushing their agenda in small increments under the guise of animal welfare.’
    • ‘These animals do not belong in laboratories in the first place: it is not larger cages, but empty cages, that animal rightists call for.’
    • ‘The antivivisectionist ancestors of today's animal rightists attempted to stop the research of Louis Pasteur that led to the discovery of the rabies vaccine.’
    • ‘There is a stark conflict between the goals of the Veterinary profession and those of animal rightists.’