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‘With the second, the show's creators switched from using a dwarf actor to an animatronic puppet.’
  • ‘He's a cross between Kenny Rogers and one of those animatronic country bears at Disney World.’
  • ‘An animatronic horse apparently malfunctioned and didn't pull the actor's head back as co-star Hiroyaki Sanada swung his sword.’
  • ‘Holly is one of four animatronic reindeer working on Andrew Adamson's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe after the living variety struck problems with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry regulations.’
  • ‘It's a slow boat ride that weaves though the darkness amidst illuminated animatronic scenes of pirate mayhem.’
  • ‘All too often in a film like this the musical numbers might stop the action dead with their stagey, almost animatronic feeling.’
  • ‘The film includes ‘never-seen-before’ footage of the Tasmanian Tiger as well as state-of-the-art computer generated imagery and animatronic technology.’
  • ‘Just on the market is ‘Jaws,’ an animatronic shark who sings - you guessed it - ‘Mack, the Knife.’’
  • ‘In the new version, the attacks by the hound are handled deftly and one suspects the creature is most likely more animatronic than canine.’
  • ‘And there were plenty of exhibits to keep them amused and entertained as well, such as Cadabra, featuring Jorvik-style rides but in little cars looking like Noddy's, which took us around displays of animatronic chocolate creatures.’
  • ‘The adaptation involves more than 100 real animals - pigs, donkeys, horses, ducks - as well as 15 animatronic creations.’
  • ‘Traveling back in time 4,000 years, it plunges unwitting riders into a harrowing journey through ancient Egypt and a confrontation with an animatronic version of the mummy Imhotep, notorious Keeper of the Dead.’
  • ‘Coming back from lunch on 56th street I suddenly encountered a four-foot-tall animatronic snowman singing ‘Jingle Bells’ over and over.’
  • ‘Although a horde of real live creepy-crawlers slither past as infant-stage anacondas, the big fellas are always either computer generated or animatronic, and neither is convincing.’
  • ‘It includes a number of before and after comparisons, as well as scenes where the viewer is challenged to pick out which dinosaurs are CGI and which are animatronic puppets shot live on set.’
  • ‘They both run the large amusement manufacturing plant in town, and have just received a huge order from Santa for animatronic wooden soldiers.’
  • ‘The sharks depicted on-screen in Deep Blue Sea are a combination of real sharks, animatronic models, and CG renderings.’
  • ‘The writer/director, who also shot and edited the movie, lacked the budget for an animatronic shark, so he hired a ‘shark wrangler’ and used real ones.’
  • ‘The most interesting portion is when they show the animatronic Demon beside the real dog.’
  • ‘The featurette is mostly clips from the movie, with a few interviews and an ever-so-slight look at the animatronic crocodile.’



/ˌanəməˈtränik/ /ˌænəməˈtrɑnɪk/