Definition of anime in English:



  • A style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

    Compare with manga

    ‘The third disc of this set contains a mediocre anime film with great animation and music.’
    • ‘Mamoru Oshii is probably the only director in the world who makes art films under the guise of traditional anime.’
    • ‘I admit I am a purist when it comes to my anime and I like it in its original Japanese with subs.’
    • ‘They seem to have problems with the limited animation seen in most anime.’
    • ‘One of my greatest pet peeves in anime is the glossy disregard for detail in action scenes.’
    • ‘The transfer has none of the jagged lines or motion that appears in some anime, though.’
    • ‘Talk to us in a year and maybe we'll be complaining about the formulaic narrative in Japanese anime.’
    • ‘So much of the comedy in anime is tainted by overt fan service and wildly imaginative events.’
    • ‘As enjoyable and weird as it is, anime can still become routine if you aren't careful.’
    • ‘OK, so many anime shows now exploit the access to cheap and rich CGI effects.’
    • ‘The huge eyes that both Ram and Sita have are apparently a feature of manga and anime in Japan.’
    • ‘Lupin has been a favorite of anime fans for three decades, and it's not difficult to see why.’
    • ‘Manga has provided that most vital of anime extras, which is a brief bio on each character.’
    • ‘It should please teen anime fans the most, and would equally appeal to boys and girls.’
    • ‘So many anime series tend to settle into autopilot towards the middle of their run.’
    • ‘So much anime looks good at a glance, but most of it begins to fail under closer scrutiny.’
    • ‘Kids were getting their brains rewired by the epic Akira, still the pinnacle of sci-fi anime.’
    • ‘Evil people are really easy to predict after watching all of those magical girl anime.’
    • ‘She nodded and decided that her next drawing would be of him, done in anime style this time.’
    • ‘In writing about anime, Carey works way too hard to give it high-culture credibility.’
    animated film, animated cartoon, animation



/ˈanəmā/ /ˈænəmeɪ/


1980s Japanese, shortened from animēshon, based on English animation.