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‘The census officers kept complaining that it was nearly impossible for them to decide who was an animist and who was a Hindu, since all worshipped God in many forms.’
  • ‘Well, I would say to this that I am very much an animist, and my experience of working with spirits - be they spirits of places, local area networks, or behavioural memes, indicates to me at least, that it is do-able to varying degrees.’
  • ‘Muslims as well as Christians have strict views on sexual conduct, and even animists are expressing their desire to restore older mores.’
  • ‘Traditional Javanese Islam, a blend of Sufism mixed with animist and Hindu concepts predating Islam, shares common heritage with Bali.’
  • ‘Broadly, I'm something of an animist, so my everyday life is filled with minor recognitions, deals, tributes, and negotiations with local spirits.’
  • ‘Scotland started as a place of superstitious animists and pantheists, much as it is today.’



/ˈanəməst/ /ˈænəməst/