Definition of anisotropic in English:



  • 1Physics
    (of an object or substance) having a physical property that has a different value when measured in different directions. A simple example is wood, which is stronger along the grain than across it.

    ‘In the general case, anisotropic substances will show colours, the interference colours; but on rotation through 360° they go black, or into extinction, four times.’
    • ‘Coriolis flowmeters using fibers and anisotropic material to control selected vibrational flowmeter characteristics’
    • ‘Most crustal rocks of interest to exploration geophysics are either inherently anisotropic or behave as anisotropic materials when sampled by seismic waves.’
    • ‘The preparation of the larger model was carefully planned to capture both the intrinsic characteristics of the zinc complex and the influence of the anisotropic enzyme environment on the zinc coordination sphere.’
    • ‘The problem would be compounded with anisotropic crystals with restricted orientations to the diamond culets.’
    • ‘It allows direct measurement of the sound velocity along general directions in a transparent medium and hence the determination of the elastic tensor of anisotropic materials.’
    • ‘But, the materials are anisotropic, so are opaque when viewed at ninety degrees to their transparent view, which means they could be used as magnetically switchable pixels in a flat display.’
    • ‘Patterns characteristic of one, two or multiple dipping layers of anisotropic rock may be revealed when these parameters are plotted as a function of arrival azimuth.’
    • ‘Intraformational faulting is regarded as a non-linear deformational response of non-elastic anisotropic material to loading.’
    • ‘Studies of helium - 3 suggest that unconventional superconductivity will be highly anisotropic, i.e. it will depend strongly on the energy and momentum of the electrons.’
    • ‘It can be observed by looking at all structure factors that the anisotropic properties of the tissue are not constant over the whole of frequencies.’
    • ‘The cholesteric liquid crystals were positive dielectric anisotropic.’
    • ‘In such calculations, bone matrix is usually approximated as an isotropic material, and anisotropic mechanical properties result from a preferred orientation of the trabeculae in cancellous bone.’
    • ‘Open microfractures would form an efficient path for fluid flows and therefore create a strong anisotropic permeability.’
    • ‘In the current research, the NC State scientists create anisotropic particles, or particles with different layers or properties, on the microfluidic chip.’
    • ‘Structure on different length scales determines many other physical properties: graphite, for example, has a layered structure, which means that its electronic conductivity is anisotropic.’
    • ‘The major difficulty with 19 F NMR in an anisotropic medium such as bicelles is the expected large residual dipolar coupling, which limits the length of the gradient encoding period.’
    • ‘Anisotropic conductive material and method for connecting integrated circuit element by using the anisotropic conductive material’
    • ‘A similar deformation of the anisotropic crystallites has also been observed for N. clavipes upon tensile deformation.’
    • ‘Additional complications arise from the fact that many geomaterials are anisotropic and non-homogeneous; that is, their properties vary with direction at any point and also from point to point.’
    1. 1.1(of a property or phenomenon) varying in magnitude according to the direction of measurement.
      ‘electron scattering is anisotropic’
      • ‘The magnitude of the observed anisotropic flow effect is sensitive to the degree of thermalization at the collision's earliest moments.’
      • ‘The simulations were performed with anisotropic pressure coupling, to 1 bar independently in x, y, and z directions, which allowed the area per lipid to fluctuate during the simulation.’
      • ‘We also calculate the loading force, the average pressure on the capsid's walls, and the anisotropic pressure profile within the capsid.’
      • ‘Both types of labeled kinesins show anisotropic fluorescence signals when bound to axonemal microtubules, but the bifunctional probe is less mobile resulting in higher anisotropy.’
      • ‘At the same time mechanical properties become directional and the structure and properties are anisotropic.’
      • ‘Differences between the three principal components of R (diffusion rate tensor) up to an order of magnitude signified anisotropic motion of the spin label at some locations.’
      • ‘Thin layering in sedimentary rocks, preferred orientation of crystals or the presence of fractures in subsurface rocks cause anisotropic wave propagation in rock layers.’
      • ‘An anisotropic dissipating energy measurement a was introduced in the triaxial space.’
      • ‘High-field EPR is used to determine the g xx tensor element in frozen samples and to extract the isotropic g-value from anisotropic spectra of fluid membranes.’
      • ‘The resulting model should be applicable to other anisotropic systems (that is, systems whose properties vary depending on the direction of measurement) as well as arbitrarily shaped microchannels.’
      • ‘The difference was shown to be especially large in the case of two anisotropic molecules (as much as orders of magnitude for typical values of parameters).’
      • ‘It can be observed that the anisotropic characteristics of the simulated structure factor vary with the range of frequencies considered.’
      • ‘What is clear from the results is that hole formation occurs along the direction of the ripples, indicating the presence of anisotropic regions within the ripple structure that show a higher susceptibility to hydrolysis.’
      • ‘In the case of the anisotropic growth of a surface there are two so-called principal directions, in which strain rates attain their extremal values (principal values).’
      • ‘Version 3.0 of Nvidia's own Intellisample system provides 16x anisotropic filtering and lossless compression for colour, texture and z-buffer data to speed it through the pipeline.’
      • ‘The slower mode corresponded to cells that we had visually identified as anisotropic spreading cells and the faster mode corresponded to the cells identified as isotropic.’
      • ‘Birefringence is often considered to be an atomic-level interaction between light and an anisotropic medium.’
      • ‘On electrically anisotropic samples containing oriented BR molecules, photoelectric response signals could be measured.’
      • ‘Specifically, the pressure-induced growth of the circular insulin amyloid suggests anisotropic packing within an ambient protofilament.’
      • ‘The expansion of the upper leaf portion where the Gaussian curvature becomes relatively high is intensive and not strongly anisotropic (for example, the outermost cells of P1 in Fig.3 J, K).’



/anˌīsəˈträpik/ /ænˌaɪsəˈtrɑpɪk/ /ˌanˌīsəˈträpik/ /ˌænˌaɪsəˈtrɑpɪk/


Late 19th century from Greek anisos ‘unequal’ + tropos ‘turn’+ -ic.