Definition of ankylosaur in English:



(also ankylosaurus)
  • A heavily built quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur primarily of the Cretaceous period, armored with bony plates.

    Infraorder Ankylosauria, order Ornithischia: several genera, in particular Ankylosaurus

    ‘The ankylosaurs were heavily armoured dinosaurs, 2 to 10 meters long, quadrupedal, slow moving, and fed on swampy soft vegetation.’
    • ‘Skeletons range from twelve-foot remains of the armored dinosaurs known as ankylosaurs, with almost every piece of bony plate intact, to two-inch skeletons of early mammals, complete down to their fragile, microscopic ear bones.’
    • ‘These were the fragmentary remains of an armored dinosaur, an ankylosaur.’
    • ‘Birds did not evolve from massive sauropods or antediluvian, tanklike ankylosaurs or even from the large tyrannosaurs.’
    • ‘Living at the same time as Utahraptor was a dinosaur that belonged to the tanklike armadillo shaped ankylosaurs called Gastonia.’
    • ‘Most recently, a new ankylosaur was named on the basis of an incomplete mandible and fragmentary cranial material, but the ankylosaurian affinities and validity of this taxon are doubtful.’
    • ‘These early ankylosaur or glyptodont analogues often had widely-flared skulls, ornamented with irregular blobs of bone, looking like half-melted wax.’



/ˈaNGkiləˌsôr/ /ˈæŋkɪləˌsɔr/


Early 20th century from modern Latin Ankylosaurus, from Greek ankulos (see ankylosis) + sauros ‘lizard’.