Definition of ankylose in English:



be/become ankylosed
  • (of bones or a joint) be or become stiffened or united by ankylosis.

    • ‘An ankylosed tooth can force adjacent teeth out of position, which can affect the bite.’
    • ‘The half-vertebra is, as a rule, ankylosed to adjacent vertebrae.’
    • ‘Undeterred by a permanently ankylosed knee joint, he joined the Malayan medical service.’
    • ‘Few reports address the reconstructive challenge of total knee arthroplasty after a surgically fused or ankylosed knee.’
    • ‘Ankylosed teeth fail to erupt to meet their counterparts in the opposite jaw.’
    • ‘Removal of an ankylosed tooth may be difficult and traumatic leading to esthetic bony ridge deformities and optimal prosthetic treatment interferences.’


Late 18th century back-formation from ankylosis, on the pattern of words such as anastomose.