Definition of Anna's hummingbird in English:

Anna's hummingbird

Pronunciation /ˌanəz ˈhəmiNGbərd/ /ˌænəz ˈhəmɪŋbərd/


  • A North American hummingbird which lives chiefly in California. The male has an iridescent rose-red head and throat.

    Calypte anna, family Trochilidae

    ‘Male Anna's hummingbirds raised in isolation produce much simpler songs than do wild males.’
    • ‘You can also see more widely ranging North American hummingbird species such as the black-chinned, broad-tailed, rufous, calliope, Costa's, Allen's, and Anna's hummingbirds in this region.’
    • ‘Along the Pacific Coast, the large Anna's hummingbird may be found, as well as Allen's, black-chinned, broad-tailed, calliope, Costa's, and rufous hummingbirds.’
    • ‘The Anna's Hummingbird feeds on a large variety of flowers as well as insects and spiders.’
    • ‘The Anna's Hummingbird is a medium-sized hummingbird with a relatively short, straight bill and a long sloping forehead.’
    • ‘Anna's Hummingbirds (Calypte anna) are probably the most common species of hummingbird found at our Tucson hummingbird feeders during the winter.’


Mid 19th century named after Anna, the wife of Prince François Massena (c1795–1863), Duc de Ravoli, who obtained the original specimen.