Definition of annalistic in English:



See annalist

‘Sallust's last work, the Histories, was annalistic (arranged by years). It covered events from 78, perhaps continuing Cornelius Sisenna, though it included a retrospect of earlier events.’
  • ‘The vagueness of the date arises from the fact that the event seems to have had no place in the early Arabic annalistic tradition.’
  • ‘The Ingimund episode is largely detailed in an Irish annalistic source, but Welsh annals mention a battle on Anglesey in 903 where ‘Ogmundr’ was defeated by the Welsh.’
  • ‘The narrative of Dionysios of Halikarnassos is somewhat different, perhaps following an annalistic tradition and not Virgil's source.’
  • ‘It is believed to have developed from the brief annalistic entries in Easter tables, and the entries up to 449 are as brief as the single-sentence Latin annals in those tables.’
  • ‘These pragmatic histories, describing in detail short periods of time, were soon replaced at Rome by the annalistic reconstruction of Rome's early history.’



/ˌan(ə)lˈistik/ /ˌæn(ə)lˈɪstɪk/