Definition of annealer in English:



See anneal

‘The finished article is knocked off the iron and placed in an annealer where a constant temperature of 450 Celsius is maintained to stabilise the glass.’
  • ‘Two furnaces melt glass, and there are five crucibles in which it is kept molten, and an equal number of annealers, in which the finished work is cooled down gently to prevent cracking.’
  • ‘The steam blows out of the top annealer cap indicating a positive pressure in the annealer tube.’
  • ‘These large annealers have double bead doors with built in point rest and mandrel racks for holding beads.’
  • ‘All annealers and fusers are sold two ways; with and without an infinite control switch.’
  • ‘An object of the present invention is to provide a temperature control system for lamp annealers which is adapted for highly accurate control free from steady-state deviations.’