Definition of Anno Domini in English:

Anno Domini


full form of AD
‘The counterpart to Anno Domini is B.C. for ‘Before Christ.’’
  • ‘A.D. is a Latin abbreviation for Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord. A.D. is used with dates in the current era.’
  • ‘When Dionysius continues his table, he dates the years in the cycle from the incarnation of Christ (anno domini is Latin for "year of the lord").’
  • ‘The system of numbering years A.D. (for "Anno Domini", "in the year of Our Lord") began in the year 525.’


Anno Domini

/ˌanō ˈdämənē/ /ˌænoʊ ˈdɑməni/ /ˌanō ˈdäməˌnī/ /ˌænoʊ ˈdɑməˌnaɪ/


Latin, ‘in the year of the Lord’.