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reporting verb
  • 1Make a public and typically formal declaration about a fact, occurrence, or intention.

    with clause ‘the company announced that its profits declined much less in the second quarter than analysts had expected’
    • ‘he announced his retirement from football’
    • ‘“I have a confession to make,” she announced’
    • ‘This is his fifth and final World Cup, as he has announced his retirement and intention to spend more time with family.’
    • ‘Confirmation of this fact was announced by the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.’
    • ‘When the Crown Office announced the move, its statement failed to declare the men's innocence.’
    • ‘Could this attack on their credibility be related to the fact that they've announced that he's unfit to serve as president?’
    • ‘The statement also announced that a public hearing should be held to hear suggestions concerning the ongoing conservation of the park.’
    • ‘The Communications Minister Daryl Williams issued a statement only, announcing the changes and welcoming them.’
    • ‘‘There is a determination to debate difficult issues in public at an early stage, rather than announcing policies as accomplished facts’.’
    • ‘Taylor was to address a joint session of Congress yesterday to officially declare his intention to resign and announce a successor.’
    • ‘Lisa, 26, had booked her wedding before Mr Holt announced his intention to retire.’
    • ‘The man who chose, on the evening his party conference ended, to announce his intentions on television, sees himself as a president, not as a party leader.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact I had announced my intentions of stepping down after the World Cup at a press conference before we left for South Africa.’
    • ‘The simple fact of announcing his intention to proclaim emancipation back in September had created more public anger than Lincoln had anticipated.’
    • ‘In his first public statement since announcing his retirement from sumo, Musashimaru said Sunday he was unable to uphold the responsibility of a grand champion.’
    • ‘In recent days around 70 specialists have quit or announced their intention to quit public hospital positions.’
    • ‘In a surprise statement last week, the European Commission announced its intention to water down the rules.’
    • ‘Yet so disillusioned was he with the direction of the side under John Hart that he announced his intention to retire at the end of the season.’
    • ‘Tesco, which bought the One Stop chain nearly two years ago, announced its intention in May to close the post office as it needed more retail space.’
    • ‘Mandela has cut back significantly on public appearances since announcing his formal retirement in June to spend more time with his family.’
    • ‘Two well-known shopkeepers in Kirkby Lonsdale have announced their intention to retire from their traditional village shop.’
    • ‘In a statement issued last week announcing his intention to voluntarily report to the U.S. military, Jenkins said he had intended to surrender since the day he arrived in Japan.’
    make public, make known, report, issue a statement about, declare, state, set forth, give out, put out, post, notify, give notice of, publicize, broadcast, publish, advertise, circulate, proclaim, promulgate, trumpet, noise abroad
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    1. 1.1with object Make known the arrival or imminence of (a guest or a meal) at a formal social occasion.
      ‘dinner was announced’
      • ‘The butler announced the arrival of the Archers' dinner guests for that evening.’
      • ‘We're going to be announcing some special guests - is that enough of a clue?’
      • ‘Today, for example, I had to announce a guest conductor - the esteemed Henry Chas.’
      • ‘In that episode, Newhart hosts a cable TV show and announces a guest who brings on what he describes as ‘the smallest horse in the world.’’
      • ‘After she had told her tear-jerking story, they announced the second guest: George and the priest.’
      • ‘I walked through the door as Toby started to announce the next guest.’
      • ‘The servant preceded him into the receiving hall and Dar heard him announce the guest.’
      • ‘For reasons you'll understand, we didn't want to announce our next guest ahead of time.’
      • ‘We reached our destination on the side of the dance floor and watched as the other people were announced.’
      • ‘I picked up my guitar and walked off the stage as they announced the next person.’
      • ‘We will meet with the elders at the pavilion and they will then recognize you and announce you to the villagers.’
      • ‘You could hear the faint sounds of the fans in the stadium and the announcer announcing us over the intercom.’
      • ‘Some putz suddenly takes the stage to announce me and exclaim excitedly that this was my ‘largest sold-out crowd to date!’.’
      introduce, present, name
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    2. 1.2with object Give information about (transportation) in a station or airport via a public address system.
      ‘they were announcing her train’
      • ‘Normally this happens at a regional airport after they've announced your flight has been delayed for a few hours.’
      • ‘Even though the speaker system was obviously working so well, the destination station was not announced.’
      • ‘They announce the next station, and the train begins to slow down.’
      • ‘There was the sound of a woman announcing all flights to Tokyo in the background and Eden's eyes widened in understanding.’
      • ‘Distantly he heard the intercom in the spaceport announce the shuttle was now disengaging maglocks, and any personnel not on board would have to catch the next flight.’
      • ‘And as she spoke the man who all day long announces on the station that he is sorry to say that a train is running late said he was sorry to say that the 10.25 to Manchester Airport was running five minutes late.’
      • ‘At the end, the heroes walk triumphantly into the sunset, while some kind of outdoor PA system announces that the ozone layer came back.’
      signal, indicate, be an indication of, signify, give notice of, herald, proclaim
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/əˈnouns/ /əˈnaʊns/


Late 15th century from French annoncer, from Latin annuntiare, from ad- ‘to’ + nuntiare ‘declare, announce’ (from nuntius ‘messenger’).