Definition of annuitant in English:



  • A person who receives an annuity.

    ‘The dramatic difference in rates charged means that Strategic Capital pays annuitants thousands of dollars more cash now for their structured settlement payments.’
    • ‘Another element of the Bill is that it facilitates the enhanced collection powers of the Department, making it more difficult for annuitants to fall into debt.’
    • ‘As an annuitant who cannot leave Equitable, I demand that the Penrose report be published in its entirety as soon as possible and that open hearings be granted now.’
    • ‘Beginning at age 62, the annuitant received either 35 percent of the base amount or 55 percent of the base amount minus the Social security benefit attributed to military service.’
    • ‘The remaining 2,300 annuitants will be offered a 25% discount on the redemption price of their annuity, provided their arrears are up to date.’
    • ‘The annuitant must declare the full amount receivable on his tax return to be given credit for the tax withheld.’
    • ‘Retirees and other annuitants may choose to enroll in one of several plans from health maintenance and preferred provider organizations.’
    • ‘If your designated survivor annuitant dies before you, or you are divorced or married after electing the option, you may name a new survivor’
    • ‘Your assistance would be appreciated in reaching Zimbabwe / Rhodesian pensioners and annuitants, widows and others interested.’
    • ‘Care should be taken, as Equitable with-profits annuitants have been badly hit by the crisis there.’
    • ‘When annuitants die, the income dies with them, and the life company that offers the annuity retains any surplus from the lump sum investment.’
    • ‘For many of them their investment in a policy with the Society represents a substantial part of their savings, or of their pension provision; in the case of annuitants it may be all or a large part of their actual pension.’
    • ‘With-profit annuitants are to see their pensions cut by up to a third and the society's financial position has deteriorated to a point where it is barely solvent.’
    • ‘Most annuitants choose to receive monthly payments for the rest of their life and their spouse's life (meaning the insurer stops issuing payments only after both parties are deceased).’
    • ‘Any annuity payable to the same or another individual shall be treated as earned income of the annuitant to the extent to which it is payable in return for any amount on which relief is so given.’
    • ‘In line with this, many annuitants and prospective pensioners have been receiving smaller pensions or annuities than what they were originally quoted.’
    • ‘The particulars stated that: ‘Estate duty will be payable on the death of the annuitant who is believed to have no aggregable estate’ and the name of the solicitors who prepared the particulars was given.’



/əˈno͞oədənt/ /əˈnuədənt/


Early 18th century from annuity, on the pattern of accountant.