Definition of annular eclipse in English:

annular eclipse


  • An eclipse of the sun in which the edge of the sun remains visible as a bright ring around the moon.

    ‘Although they are by no means as striking as total eclipses, annular eclipses can afford a semblance of the experience.’
    • ‘The diagrams above show the appearance of the Sun at different times during total, partial and annular eclipses.’
    • ‘An annular eclipse of the sun is visible from the north-west of Scotland at sunrise on Saturday morning, 31st May 2003.’
    • ‘The annular eclipse took place at about 4.45 am when the moon passed between the Earth and the sun, forming an annulus, often described as a ‘ring of fire’, around the moon.’
    • ‘The annular eclipse appears over regions of the Earth that the Moon's umbral shadow does not reach.’
    • ‘Ordinarily, the corona is so much dimmer than the bright disk of the Sun that it cannot be seen - even during a partial or annular eclipse.’
    • ‘Calculating longitude was more challenging, yet Jefferson planned to obtain the necessary readings for positioning Monticello during an annular eclipse of the sun in September 1811.’
    • ‘This annular eclipse lasts from 21: 28 GMT to 21: 43 GMT.’
    • ‘The last annular eclipse in Britain was on April 8, 1921, and if you miss out this time, there will not be another visible one in Scotland for 90 years.’
    • ‘In optimum weather conditions the annular eclipse is said to be a spectacular sight.’
    • ‘Yorkshire astronomers who travelled to Spain to view yesterday's annular eclipse of the sun were rewarded with clear skies - and the task of convincing local security guards they were not spying.’
    • ‘Orkney's weather put paid to any good views of Saturday morning's annular eclipse, with a blanket of slow moving cloud and mist covering most of the islands.’


annular eclipse

/ˈanyələr əˈklips/ /ˈænjələr əˈklɪps/ /ēˈklips/ /iˈklɪps/