Definition of annulate in English:



  • Having rings; marked with or formed of rings.

    ‘an annulate worm’
    • ‘In twelve of these cases the antennae were elongated annulate structures.’
    • ‘Pleopods are made up of two narrow, annulate rami, the anteriormost being the slightly longer of the two.’
    • ‘The main focus of this research proposal is to analyze the biogenesis of nuclear pore complexes and annulate lamellae.’
    • ‘Either attached to or formed integrally of the annulate band is a cover in a dome configuration so as to enclose the skin area around the percutaneous device.’
    • ‘The annulate corpuscle of the spermatozoon is the metamorphosed nucleus of the cell from which the spermatozoon is developed.’


Early 19th century from Latin annulatus, from anulus, annulus ‘a ring’.