Definition of anoa in English:


nounplural noun anoa, plural noun anoas

  • A small water buffalo, native to Sulawesi.

    Genus Bubalus, family Bovidae: two species

    ‘Along the banks we caught sight of both of the supposedly almost extinct species of dwarf buffalo, the highland and lowland anoa.’
    • ‘In cold and temperate climatic zones anoas need a stable where a temperature of 18°C should be maintained.’
    • ‘Lowland anoas spend most of their time in shady forests and they are most active in the morning and afternoon.’
    • ‘The anoa feeds in the morning and rests in the shade during the hottest parts of the day.’
    • ‘Hunting anoas for the meat, fur and horns still takes place even in protected sites such as nature reserves’



/əˈnōə/ /əˈnoʊə/


Mid 19th century a local word.