Definition of anointment in English:



See anoint

‘Hundreds and thousands of people line up for him to do anointment.’
  • ‘He wasn't alone in being unsure exactly what it was supposed to mean, but it was clearly an anointment for the future.’
  • ‘But her anointment by Mr. da Silva, who has steered Brazil through one of its greatest periods of prosperity, automatically made her a contender.’
  • ‘Scripted, sanitized and stripped of the unexpected by early anointment of presidential and vice-presidential nominees, they offer as few clashes of policies and personalities as possible.’
  • ‘When the country introduced the constitution of 1849 and thus became a constitutional monarchy, anointment was also abandoned.’



/əˈnointm(ə)nt/ /əˈnɔɪntm(ə)nt/