Definition of anomalistic month in English:

anomalistic month


  • A month measured between successive perigees of the moon (approximately 271/2 days).

    ‘The anomalistic month is the average interval between successive passages of the moon through its perigee.’
    • ‘The time between consecutive perigees or apogees, the anomalistic month, is 27.56 days.’
    • ‘This relation between synodic months and anomalistic months of the Moon was known to Babylonian astronomers, who used it to predict the return of lunar and solar eclipses.’
    • ‘This is the time period over which the Moon-Earth distance is periodic and is known as an anomalistic month.’
    • ‘This longer period is called the anomalistic month.’


anomalistic month

/əˌnäməˌlistik ˈmənTH/ /əˌnɑməˌlɪstɪk ˈmənθ/