Definition of anomia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • A form of aphasia in which the patient is unable to recall the names of everyday objects.

    • ‘Dementia is chronic and progressive, and it is characterized by the gradual onset of impaired memory and deficits in two or more areas of cognition, such as anomia, agnosia or apraxia.’
    • ‘In her study of severely impaired readers with word-finding problems, including color anomia, Denckla found evidence for a correlation between the persistence of the naming deficit and the severity of the reading disability.’
    • ‘I still go with my view that he has a species of anomia where there is a disconnect between his thoughts and the linguistic realization of the thoughts.’
    • ‘Beginning with an overview of psycholinguistic research on normal word retrieval as well as the influential cognitive models of naming, the book goes on to review the major forms of anomia.’


Early 20th century formed irregularly from a-‘without, not’ + Latin nomen ‘name’ + -ia.