Definition of anopheles in English:



(also anopheles mosquito)
  • A mosquito of a genus which is particularly common in warmer countries and includes the mosquitoes that transmit the malarial parasite to humans.

    Compare with culex

    Genus Anopheles, subfamily Anophelinae, family Culicidae

    ‘Of the thousands of mosquito types, only the genus anopheles transmits malaria to humans.’
    • ‘Millions of people die each year from malaria, which is transmitted through the bite of the anopheles mosquito.’
    • ‘Among a dozen mosquito types in Milan, experts are keeping a close eye out for the anopheles mosquito which is capable of transmitting malaria.’
    • ‘The anopheles mosquito, carrying the scourge of malaria, was the unwitting executioner of thousands of European soldiers sent to garrisons in the West Indies, Africa, or India.’
    • ‘Malaria is generally a tropical disease transmitted by the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito.’



/əˈnäfəlēz/ /əˈnɑfəliz/


Late 19th century modern Latin, from Greek anōphelēs ‘unprofitable, useless’.