Definition of anopluran in English:


noun & adjective


See Anoplura

‘Three types of anoplurans parasitize human beings, the head louse, the body louse and the pubic louse.’
  • ‘The sucking lice or the anoplurans have mouthparts fitted for piercing and sucking.’
  • ‘The tarsi of anoplurans consist of a large claw and a process that acts like a thumb.’
  • ‘The highest value of Pianka's index was observed between Oligoryzomys species, as a result of historical processes which involve permanent parasites, such as some laelapid mites and anopluran lice.’
  • ‘Collaborative research with the Australian Antarctic division has also revealed that southern elephant seals also get infected by a virus very similar to RRV and interestingly the virus is transmitted by anopluran lice.’