Definition of ant lion in English:

ant lion


  • An insect that resembles a dragonfly, with predatory larvae that construct conical pits into which insect prey, especially ants, fall.

    Family Myrmeleontidae, order Neuroptera

    • ‘This was also found in at least one other insect species, the ant lion.’
    • ‘I was up to my waist, and as each wave receded I was being pushed forward, and the sand was being dragged from beneath me, in much the same way as an ant lion catches its prey.’
    • ‘However, when excluding one outlier, the ant lion, the correlations are again significant.’
    • ‘What's more, does anything except the odd ant lion and rare aardvark eat ants?’
    • ‘Catching dragonflies, collecting wasps' larvae, playing with ant lions and locusts, and learning to make cages from straw are all traditional summer activities.’


ant lion