Definition of Antarctic in English:



  • 1Relating to the south polar region or Antarctica.

    • ‘This reduced the mixing of warm, tropical ocean water and cold, polar water causing the buildup of the Antarctic polar ice cap.’
    • ‘The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that is seen in the skies on clear, dark nights in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.’
    • ‘It recreates the vegetation and animal life in the Antarctic and Arctic regions.’
    • ‘During the Antarctic winter the South Pole becomes the coldest place on the planet.’
    • ‘The Antarctic region harbors the most extreme climate and the most narrow biodiversity of all continents.’
    • ‘Such ideas naturally discouraged further exploration to the Antarctic region for many centuries to come.’
    • ‘The Emperor penguins are large and found only in the Antarctic regions.’
    • ‘This is assuming that the Antarctic and Arctic ice caps will remain constant.’
    • ‘The Antarctic continent is colder for a number of reasons; topography being one of the most relevant.’
    • ‘You can almost feel the bitter cold and biting Antarctic wind in this excellent biography of a polar hero.’
    • ‘The results, though, did not assess the overall contribution of the entire Antarctic ice sheet to sea level rise.’
    • ‘I've just returned from spending a month at Palmer Station, a US research base on the Antarctic peninsular.’
    • ‘Shackleton's last journey would be with the goal of circumnavigating the Antarctic continent.’
    • ‘There was still some cheese, dry biscuits, and dried apples in my pack from lunch a few days ago, as food rarely spoils in the cold Antarctic climate.’
    • ‘Amanda could, for example, be installed at any Antarctic site where the glacial ice is thick and free of dust.’
    • ‘Ross was involved in eight Arctic and Antarctic expeditions after joining the navy in 1812.’
    • ‘Arctic and Antarctic exploration remains a staple of the book publishing industry.’
    • ‘He had wondered how Antarctic fish stay alive in waters cold enough to freeze them.’
    • ‘So much water is currently locked up in the Antarctic ice sheet that if it melted it would raise sea levels by a further 150 ft or more.’
    • ‘Their journey begins in early December at Hercules Inlet on the frozen Antarctic coast.’
    Arctic, Antarctic
    1. 1.1Botany Relating to or denoting a phytogeographical kingdom comprising New Zealand, southern parts of Chile and Argentina, and islands in the South Atlantic and southern Indian Ocean.
      • ‘Lichens thus dominate the Antarctic flora both in terms of species diversity and in terms of total biomass.’
      • ‘The role of liverworts in Antarctic plant communities is discussed in detail.’
      • ‘The Antarctic flora is a distinct community of vascular plants which evolved millions of years ago.’
      southern, southerly, southwardly, meridional, Antarctic, polar


the Antarctic
  • The Antarctic region.

    • ‘Penguins are the most common birds in the Antarctic.’
    • ‘I ended the book with a photograph of an emperor penguin chick from the Antarctic.’
    • ‘The lichen samples were collected along a transect from the northern maritime Antarctic to the continent.’
    • ‘The hardships they suffered instead for more than two years in the Antarctic have become the stuff of legend.’
    • ‘The Tom Crean Society has arrived at Buenos Aires en route to the Antarctic.’
    • ‘Ice shelves are carving off the Antarctic faster than expected.’
    • ‘The two-part Channel 4 drama was filmed in Greenland instead of in the Antarctic which was in perpetual darkness at the time.’
    • ‘A Royal Navy Lynx helicopter operating from HMS Endurance has crashed in the Antarctic, injuring the flight crew of five.’
    • ‘Three volumes of a newspaper created on expeditions to the Antarctic led by Captain Scott are to be republished.’
    • ‘His film music included the film Scott of the Antarctic.’
    • ‘The work responded to the presence of classics in the Antarctic, in the place names given by British public school-educated explorers.’
    • ‘The name "Antarctic" tells the tale: The Falkland Current brings cold water north from the ocean around Antarctica.’
    • ‘This catch is in addition to the 400 minke whales caught by the Japanese fleet every year in the Antarctic.’
    • ‘This guy is to ambition what the Antarctic is to ice cubes.’
    • ‘It plummets to the icy surface of the Antarctic, burrowing deep within the ground.’
    • ‘Cold rush threatens pristine Antarctic, says the Guardian's science correspondent Ian Sample (900 words; reading time 2-4 minutes).’
    • ‘To coincide with the International Polar Year, this year's theme is the Arctic and Antarctic, home of polar bears and penguins.’
    • ‘That's one of the thoughts of how should poultry disease ever get to the Antarctic.’
    • ‘More than 30 hours away from the UK already and we still had two days sailing before arriving at the true Antarctic.’
    • ‘There is relatively little information on trophic relationships among nearshore Antarctic peninsula organisms that inhabit the most productive areas in the Antarctic.’


Late Middle English from Old French antartique or Latin antarcticus, from Greek antarktikos ‘opposite to the north’, from ant- ‘against’ + arktikos (see Arctic).