Definition of antedating in English:



  • An example or instance of a word, phrase, etc., at a date earlier than previously known or recorded.

    ‘antedatings of some prize-fighting terms’
    • ‘But I can provide a more modest antedating, taking the ‘box’ metaphor back to 1969.’
    • ‘Contributors have been supplying antedatings since the first fascicles of the OED were published in the 1880s.’
    • ‘People guess that the best bet for antedatings is probably old magazines.’
    • ‘It has already provided some remarkable antedatings, particularly of now recognizable new senses of core words such as ‘neglect’ and ‘dearly’.’
    • ‘An important part of this work is to look for antedatings of the illustrative quotations (inter- and post-datings can also occasionally be of use).’
    • ‘I've sent them more than 500 quotations so far, including antedatings of 40 years for two items on their Appeals List and a postdating of 188 years for another word, assuming the 2nd ed. has nothing more recent for it than the 1st ed. had, from which the Compact Edition was made.’
    • ‘It is now widely believed that these early dictionaries have a useful, but not revisionist role to play in understanding Early Modern English: they can supply the OED with some neglected rare words, new illustrative quotations, and many antedatings.’



/ˈantəˌdādiNG/ /ˈæntəˌdeɪdɪŋ/ /ˌantəˈdādiNG/ /ˌæntəˈdeɪdɪŋ/