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nounplural noun antelope, plural noun antelopes

  • 1A swift-running deerlike ruminant with smooth hair and upward-pointing horns, of a group native to Africa and Asia that includes the gazelles, impala, gnus, and elands.

    Many genera and species, in the family Bovidae

    ‘In South Africa, where an antelope called the bluebuck went extinct 200 years ago, three other big mammals have been brought back from the brink.’
    • ‘In eastern Africa, they mostly hunt Thomson's gazelles, but they will also attack calves, warthogs, zebras, impalas, and the young of large antelopes such as the gnu.’
    • ‘First described 200 years ago it is also now one Africa's most endangered antelopes despite being one of the most reproductive.’
    • ‘Our fathers used to hunt giraffes, water-bucks and antelopes and eat their meet.’
    • ‘The lion, sometimes called the King of the jungle, prefers killing antelopes while bushbuck are preferred by leopard.’
    1. 1.1North American
      another term for pronghorn
      ‘Ranchers and farmers also killed pronghorn, erroneously believing the antelope would take away forage from sheep or cattle.’
      • ‘The American antelope can run at speeds up to 60mph.’



/ˈan(t)əˌlōp/ /ˈæn(t)əˌloʊp/


Late Middle English (originally the name of a fierce mythical creature with long serrated horns, said to live on the banks of the Euphrates): via Old French and medieval Latin from late Greek antholops, of unknown origin and meaning.