Definition of anteroposterior in English:



  • Relating to or directed toward both front and back.

    ‘an anteroposterior axis’
    • ‘Because the elbow has to be supinated to take the anteroposterior view, many children report relief of symptoms after the radiograph is taken.’
    • ‘The same radiologist measured the anteroposterior diameter of the patellar tendon next to the inferior patellar pole on the axial sequence.’
    • ‘The traditional sequence includes anteroposterior and lateral views of the lumbar spine, primarily to detect tumors or spinal misalignments such as scoliosis.’
    • ‘The most common views are the anteroposterior, lateral and axial patellar images to assess for fracture, dislocation and effusion.’
    • ‘The standard radiographic evaluation of the ankle consists of anteroposterior, mortise and lateral views.’



/ˌantərōpäˈstirēər/ /ˌæntəroʊpɑˈstɪriər/