Definition of anthemion in English:


nounplural noun anthemia/-mēə/

  • An ornamental design of alternating motifs resembling clusters of narrow leaves or honeysuckle petals.

    ‘Or will the anthemion motif that is liberally stencilled in one shallow recess be applied to the rest of the walls?’
    • ‘Ornamental motifs such as palmettes, columns, anthemia, and lotuses, all pared down to their essential lines, were frequently used.’
    • ‘Other panels are decorated with arabesques consisting of delicate scrolls incorporating stylized sunflowers and anthemia rendered in very thin lines of ivory-colored paint.’
    • ‘The motif is based on the anthemion flower derived from antique models.’
    • ‘There's ornament in columns and cornices, rustication and pilasters, urns, anthemia, and pediments, with temples and colonnades high in the sky, topped by spires and finials.’



/anˈTHēmēən/ /ænˈθimiən/


Early 19th century from Greek, literally ‘flower’.