Definition of anthophilous in English:



  • (of insects or other animals) frequenting flowers.

    • ‘The elongate, loose inflorescence usually bears 4 10 brilliantly rose-coloured flowers which completely lack nectar or other food for anthophilous insects and thus act by deceit.’
    • ‘This foraging profile overlapped with those of all anthophilous insect families, all bee subgenera, and all species of nectarivorous birds that were encountered.’
    • ‘However, anthophilous birds appeared to mostly forage higher in the trees and probably consumed more nectar from, and provided more pollination services to, flowers higher in the trees.’
    • ‘Adults of some Dolichopodinae have elongate mouthparts and are known to be anthophilous and feed on nectar.’
    • ‘At least seventy-one families of Diptera contain anthophilous species, and flies are pollinators of more than eleven hundred species.’