Definition of anthracnose in English:



  • A mainly fungal disease of plants, causing dark lesions.

    This is usually caused by fungi of the subdivision Deuteromycotina

    ‘Other diseases include rust, crown gall, anthracnose and petal blight.’
    • ‘Diseases such as anthracnose, spur blight, and mildew may be more prevalent if irrigation is not accompanied by adequate disease-control measures.’
    • ‘In dry edible beans, anthracnose causes unsightly cankers on plant stems, pods, and seeds.’
    • ‘We also developed heat-tolerant Chinese cabbage, and peppers resistant to the major tropical disease anthracnose.’
    • ‘If anthracnose becomes a problem, spray the plants with lime-sulfur solution at budbreak and, if needed, during the growing season.’



/anˈTHrakˌnōs/ /ænˈθrækˌnoʊs/


Late 19th century coined in French from Greek anthrax, anthrak- ‘coal’ + nosos ‘disease’.