Definition of anthro in English:



informal North American
  • short for anthropology

    • ‘you have so many undergrads who go try out fieldwork and don't pursue careers in anthro’
    • ‘an anthro degree’
    • ‘I remember chatting with one senior who proudly announced, "I'm an anthro major myself."’
    • ‘I submitted a bazillion anthropology entries while taking Anthro 1 based on my textbook.’
    • ‘Only somewhere in the second year (after I had moved to Anthro) did the Architecture students ever start working on design problems.’
    • ‘Ideas were kinda scarce and I had this big research project due in Anthro.’
    • ‘If you're a college undergraduate taking an anthropology course this year, you may notice a familiar name on your anthro textbook.’
    • ‘I wonder if there are any anthro studies of modern-day cannibal cultures?’
    • ‘I bet you never guessed that grad studies in theology was my back-up plan in case I wasn't accepted into Anthro/Soc programmes!’
    • ‘He was my anthro professor last semester.’
    • ‘She is hugely heartful and multicultural, with interests in the Middle East, linguistics, and anthro.’
    • ‘I took a few anthro courses in college.’



/ˈanTHrō/ /ˈænθroʊ/