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  • An expert in or student of anthropology.

    ‘some anthropologists think that members of hunting and gathering societies tend to have more leisure’
    • ‘Anthropologists at times have even influenced the art production of the cultures they study.’
    • ‘My single aphorism, derived from anthropologist Alfred Gell, is that pattern, decoration, ornament, attaches people to things.’
    • ‘Developed by biologists and anthropologists, optimal foraging is a good example of a microeconomic, deductive modeling strategy.’
    • ‘Physical anthropologists have concluded that the skulls of two of the oldest skeletons are quite different from those of modern American Indians.’
    • ‘Historians and anthropologists have recorded many of these men's stories on tape.’
    • ‘The vast majority of Brazilian anthropologists, for example, have conducted their field research within national territory.’
    • ‘Anthropologists have noted a pronounced preference for the private and domestic sphere in Danish culture.’
    • ‘Regardless of how anthropologists define religions, the institutional contours of this space often determine how the practitioners label their own activity.’
    • ‘Some social anthropologists still believe it is possible to explain how and why the creations of human beings become institutionalized.’
    • ‘Among anthropologists, the ratio of Democrats to Republicans is about thirty to one.’



/ˌanTHrəˈpäləjəst/ /ˌænθrəˈpɑlədʒəst/