Definition of anti-aging in English:



(also anti-ageing)
  • (of a product or technique) designed to prevent the appearance of getting older.

    ‘an anti-aging cream’
    • ‘Worldwide, the search for an 'anti-ageing pill' is gathering steam.’
    • ‘I managed a couple of hours in teh steam room before I went off for my anti-ageing facial.’
    • ‘I took a good long look, didn't mind what I saw, and decided that I could live without the anti-ageing cream.’
    • ‘Tea has also been tipped as an anti-ageing drink because it contains antioxidants.’
    • ‘Every dermatologist I have spoken to says sunscreen is the most effective anti-ageing weapon.’
    • ‘No magic anti-ageing treatments have yet been discovered beyond good diet, exercise and luck.’
    • ‘Blueberries may have disease-protective and anti-ageing properties.’
    • ‘About the only thing these anti-ageing products do is fatten the wallets of those selling them.’
    • ‘If anything, she thinks her husband's six-year anti-ageing mission has left him more worn out than men of the same age.’
    • ‘Brazil nuts top up supplies of anti-ageing selenium and almonds are an easy way to ingest vitamin E.’
    • ‘Individual researchers have tried to speak out against bogus anti-ageing treatments and practitioners, but this can be a tricky business.’
    • ‘I already use anti-ageing products.’
    • ‘The first step in any weight loss, body shaping or anti-aging program should be cleansing.’
    • ‘Exercise gets a wholehearted thumbs-up from our panelists, who praise the anti-aging virtues of strength training in particular.’
    • ‘Green tea is loaded with disease-fighting, anti-aging antioxidants.’
    • ‘The quick fix solution is adding anti-aging creams to your daily grooming routine.’
    • ‘We talked to top experts in the field of anti-aging medicine to find out what you should eat to help you age gracefully.’
    • ‘I'm innundated with ads for anti-aging products every time I turn on the TV.’
    • ‘It's easy to incorporate anti-aging nutrients into your diet.’
    • ‘I'm very against the whole concept of anti-aging medicine.’



/ˌan(t)ēˈājiNG/ /ˌæn(t)iˈeɪdʒɪŋ/ /ˌanˌtīˈājiNG/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈeɪdʒɪŋ/