Definition of anti-Semitic in English:


(also antisemitic)

Pronunciation /ˌan(t)ēsəˈmidik/ /ˌæn(t)isəˈmɪdɪk/ /ˌanˌtīsəˈmidik/ /ˌænˌtaɪsəˈmɪdɪk/

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  • Hostile to or prejudiced against Jewish people.

    ‘anti-Semitic remarks were posted on the site’
    • ‘a steep rise in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide’
    • ‘I was stunned to here the evangelist's anti-Semitic utterances.’
    • ‘The artist slams the social elite here for their racist, anti-Semitic feelings.’
    • ‘His son, too, finds himself a victim of anti-Semitic behavior.’
    • ‘Now he was going to think I was an anti-Semitic lout.’
    • ‘The charge was part of a notorious seven-year anti-Semitic campaign the industrialist conducted in the pages of his weekly newspaper.’
    • ‘In 1907, the anti-Semitic faction opposed to him secured his departure from the opera company.’
    • ‘All the things you may have read about this movie being anti-Semitic are true.’
    • ‘He will refuse to defend the title and sink into a life of oblivion and mystery, surfacing from time to time to make anti-Semitic remarks.’
    • ‘One need only read her own writings to see how incredibly anti-Semitic she was.’
    • ‘To think that watching one film would make me anti-Semitic is ridiculous.’