Definition of anti-Western in English:



  • Hostile to the interests of Europe and North America, especially the United States.

    ‘another wave of anti-Western sentiment could emerge as a result of such an attack’
    • ‘He has a history of being very anti-Western in thought.’
    • ‘Thousands of protesters took to the streets, where they shouted anti-Western slogans.’
    • ‘The moderating factor should be their interest in not creating more anti-Western feeling than they stop.’
    • ‘At some point, they became a postscript to his anti-Western, anti-American screeds.’
    • ‘The anger is really more a nationalist, anti-Western sentiment.’
    • ‘The United States' behavior during the Cold War no doubt helped create anti-Western attitudes.’
    • ‘In fact, far from being anti-Western, the programme was too pro-Western.’
    • ‘Anything else will provoke anti-Western hatred, the righteous anger of the dispossessed.’
    • ‘Their extreme anti-Western ideologies are, paradoxically, in large measure Western in origin.’
    • ‘Their extreme anti-Western views were not unusual, according to their older brother.’
    • ‘Some also fear that siting such an unproven system here would make the country a target for anti-Western attacks by rogue states.’
    • ‘This gave them free rein to nurture their anti-Western, anti-state passions.’
    • ‘In justification of primarily anti-Western protest movements, it is not difficult to find grievances, inequities, injustices.’
    • ‘What began as a good-natured show of solidarity soon changed as a stream of anti-Western rhetoric spewed from the speakers.’
    • ‘The schools have been accused of fostering intolerance and preaching anti-Western doctrines.’