Definition of anticancer in English:



  • Used in the treatment of cancer.

    ‘anticancer drugs’
    • ‘new anticancer therapies’
    • ‘The mechanism of senescence - or premature cell aging - can have an anticancer effect.’
    • ‘Perhaps no surprise, one of the recent bright spots in anticancer efforts has been the HPV vaccine.’
    • ‘The unit is licensed by the MHRA to develop and manufacture biological anticancer agents for use in early phase clinical trials.’
    • ‘New therapeutic strategies are now urgently needed to reinforce anticancer immune responses and to complement existing treatments.’
    • ‘Moon's research included a study on alcoholic liver disease and another on an anticancer plant substance’
    • ‘His rheumatologist then prescribed methotrexate, an anti-cancer drug that at low doses can send juvenile arthritis into remission.’
    • ‘Although previous studies have suggested nuts may have anti-cancer properties when eaten as part of a healthy diet, the evidence remains inconclusive.’
    • ‘According to the clinic, there are a number of options, including chemotherapy and other anticancer drugs, corticosteroids, stem cell transplantation, and radiation.’
    • ‘These anti-cancer drugs are actually cytotoxins, or ' cell-killing drugs ' which do not differentiate between good and bad cells.’
    • ‘The blood test could identify certain chromosomal changes that guide physicians to prescribe certain anticancer drugs.’



/ˌan(t)ēˈkansər/ /ˌæn(t)iˈkænsər/ /ˌanˌtīˈkansər/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈkænsər/