Definition of anticlinal in English:




See anticline

‘The expelled hydrothermal fluids were trapped in cap-rock situations inside anticlinal zones, such as the major lithological contrast between siliceous limestones and black shales at the flanks of the Arnsberg anticline.’
  • ‘The later collapse of the mutual hanging walls of conjugate fault pairs has therefore created graben along the original anticlinal ridges that preserve the form of the anticlines but have destroyed the ridges.’
  • ‘Strain differences between anticlinal and synclinal domains of concentric fold stacks require discontinuities between the two types of domain to maintain overall strain compatibility.’
  • ‘These metamorphic and plutonic igneous rocks form the uplifted core of the broadly anticlinal Owl Creek Mountains, a mountain range that formed during the Late Cretaceous.’
  • ‘Although it is counterintuitive for a graben to overlie a ridge, it has long been recognized that graben can result from local extension and thinning in the anticlinal domains that overlie linear ridges.’
  • ‘Low-grade volcanic and sedimentary rocks are widely exposed within this elongate anticlinal window.’
  • ‘These elongate anticlinal domes have gentle to moderate dips on their flanks, and are cut by several thrust faults that may be linked to a deeper system.’
  • ‘The salt continued moving along lines of least resistance and began to push upward, bowing up the overlying sedimentary rocks to form the classic elongated anticlinal structure.’
  • ‘Polygon boundaries coincide with anticlinal ridges on the interface between the faulted sequence and an underlying 35 m thick low velocity, low density, overpressured layer.’
  • ‘The precise form of the anticlinal folds at the base of the overburden layer is uncertain because of both limited seismic resolution and complexities due to the near convergence of conjugate-fault pairs.’
  • ‘The unfaulted model produces an anticlinal uplift that is substantially narrower and more elevated than the uplift of a purely elastic lithosphere without a ductile lower crust.’
  • ‘Secondly, along-strike displacement minima, fault jogs and anticlinal intrabasin highs often form at, and represent the location of, palacosegment boundaries and subsequent zones of segment linkage.’
  • ‘However, with progressive deformation, markers above anticlinal crests were extended in the shortening direction.’
  • ‘Watterson et al. explained that this situation can arise due to local extension and thinning associated with anticlinal folding of the beds overlying the ridges in the low velocity layer.’
  • ‘The rocks are on the west flank of the Monument uplift, a 60-mile-long north-trending anticlinal structure.’
  • ‘The fluids were trapped in permeability-controlled positions within anticlinal zones, where fluid cooling induced deposition of stibnite and sulphosalts.’
  • ‘These subterranean muds are being uplifted into steeply dipping, anticlinal structures cored by strike-slip faulting.’
  • ‘The origin of this circular anticlinal structure has been the subject of a longstanding debate.’
  • ‘However, as the thrust sheets grow, the outer area of their anticlinal crest is extended.’
  • ‘This mountain illustrates both anticlinal and synclinal folding and the way in which the two different fold types react to weathering and erosion.’



/ˈanˌtīˌklīnl/ /ˈænˌtaɪˌklaɪnl/ /ˈan(t)ēˌklīnl/ /ˈæn(t)iˌklaɪnl/ /ˈan(t)əˌklīnl/ /ˈæn(t)əˌklaɪnl/