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plural noun

  • Foolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior.

    ‘the antics of our political parties’
    • ‘Much of the laughter at the antics of the buffoons is a collective release of tension.’
    • ‘They resorted to keeping a diary of his escapades and videotaping his antics as evidence.’
    • ‘You need to change your reaction to their antics if you want to alter their behaviour in the first place.’
    • ‘The Pirates are known in rugby circles for their festive antics on and off the field.’
    • ‘She seemed to get a second wind and renewed her singing, jumping, cot dancing antics.’
    • ‘She got in with us and they began talking about the previous night's antics while I listened sleepily.’
    • ‘Their antics are a distraction from the larger questions - but no less enthralling for that.’
    • ‘This meant that the Warrior always had to be a stocky male who was not afraid to perform crazy antics.’
    • ‘You're free to fawn over Spidey, and thrill to his antics, but only we can really get him.’
    • ‘What a pair they made as they had them rolling in the aisles with their antics.’
    • ‘In fact his antics often reminded me of Tony Blair, and for that matter Bill Clinton.’
    • ‘There is nothing worse than seeing a child lose interest in the sport because of the antics of a coach.’
    • ‘All the way from Spain, Circo Imperfecto will fly in to display their high-energy antics.’
    • ‘As an almost daily user I have seen the antics of some young people in the bus station and they are almost beyond belief.’
    • ‘It was on a US television show shortly afterwards that Garrity was asked about his stage antics.’
    • ‘Laughter and playful antics are all part of the tour package aimed at those who are after a particular type of holiday.’
    • ‘Certainly his petulant racket-throwing antics last week were out of character.’
    • ‘You know these people are nothing on a global scale, their antics are utterly insignificant to your life.’
    • ‘Isn't there a danger of voters perceiving such belligerence as the antics of a loser?’
    • ‘After all, this body was set up by parliament in order to keep a check on the parliamentary parties' antics.’
    capers, amusing behaviour, pranks, larks, escapades, high jinks, skylarking, stunts, tricks, horseplay, romps, frolics
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/ˈan(t)iks/ /ˈæn(t)ɪks/


Early 16th century from antic.