Definition of antidisestablishmentarian in English:


noun & adjective


See antidisestablishmentarianism

  • ‘I don't want to say it, but it starts with ‘V’ and rhymes with antidisestablishmentarian.’
  • ‘It seems like the descendants of the antidisestablishmentarians have actually sold our President on that they are being forced to ‘hide their faith’.’
  • ‘Since the antidisestablishmentarianism camp was opposed to this idea, they became the antidisestablishmentarians, and their stated platform was called Antidisestablishmentarianism.’
  • ‘Hindemith, the antidisestablishmentarian, held that mere custom could not account for the vast riches of tonality; unlike his contemporaries, he believed that its possibilities had not been exhausted.’
  • ‘He clearly didn't understand the demographics of our house at all, and I think he mistook our new-to-Berkeley enthusiasm as antidisestablishmentarian merriment.’