Definition of antifouling in English:



  • Treatment of a boat's hull with a paint or similar substance designed to prevent fouling.

    as modifier ‘antifouling bottom paint’
    • ‘Many of these victims tried to apply blue antifouling paint to their boat's bottom but invariably get more on themselves than their boat.’
    • ‘Use the right antifouling paint and keep your bottom clean.’
    • ‘Call it a disaster, even, but don't call it ‘Go-Fast,’ say users of the Dolphinite brand antifouling paint that sells for over $200 a gallon.’
    • ‘A couple of coats of new antifouling paint may cost the equivalent of a couple tanks of gas, but you will keep saving money on fuel all season long.’
    • ‘Our antifouling paint sales are up, or fiberglass composites and resins are up, and our primers and other related products are up.’
    • ‘Marine gastropods (whelks and periwinkles) suffer sex determination defects due to tributyltin leaching from antifouling paints on ships' hulls.’
    • ‘Once they understand the glue's chemistry, researchers might develop more effective antifouling paints to prevent mussels, barnacles, and other hangers-on from sticking to ships.’
    • ‘The red matter was strongly suspected, although never officially confirmed, to be antifouling ship paint containing mercury.’
    • ‘Liedert reports that the cost of his artificial sharkskin is similar to that of commonly used antifouling paints, though a method of applying the skin to ship hulls remains a lingering technical hurdle.’
    • ‘That the wreck is so well colonised is down to the burning away of the paint and antifouling layers.’
    • ‘Tributyltin is the active ingredient in marine antifouling paints.’
    • ‘Researchers throughout the world have been striving to invent superhydrophobic materials for products such as antifouling paint, self-cleaning garments, or coatings on airplanes to prevent ice buildup.’
    • ‘Organotin compounds, which are commonly thought of in association with antifouling coatings on ship hulls, have recently been found to leach out of PVC pipe, where they are used as heat stabilizers.’
    • ‘Among the organotins, TBT in particular is an internationally recognized environmental threat to marine life since it accumulates in the food chain, and remains a commonly used antifouling compound for large boat bottoms.’
    • ‘To control the growth of these organisms on boats, antifouling coatings are periodically applied to their surfaces.’
    • ‘‘Any strategy that incorporates antifouling technologies will be therefore more cost-effective if the extent of the biofilm can be monitored online and in real time, without destroying the biomass formation,’ he says.’
    • ‘Stucky speculates that a synthetic material based on the worm's teeth might one day serve as an antifouling coating for ships' hulls.’
    • ‘Becker and Wahl, in a series of experiments to test for antifouling mechanisms in crabs, concluded that behavior such as burrowing played the largest role in antifouling.’
    • ‘There are other many novel, biodiversity-based products that have emerged from bioprospecting, including adhesives, air conditioning, antifreeze and antifouling chemicals.’
    • ‘Antifouling is the most important painting job to have carried out on your boat, once foul has a hold on your hull it will rapidly colonise the surface.’



/ˌantēˈfouliNG/ /ˌæntiˈfaʊlɪŋ/ /ˌanˌtīˈfouliNG/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈfaʊlɪŋ/