Definition of antifraud in English:



  • Designed to prevent fraudulent practices.

    ‘new antifraud measures will save the taxpayer millions in lost revenue’
    • ‘Tobacco smuggling is the biggest fraud, in terms of revenue, against EU countries, according to the European Commission's anti-fraud office.’
    • ‘He has staunchly defended his plan against a torrent of criticism by touting the new anti-fraud technology he said would improve security.’
    • ‘Perhaps he has indeed been assigned to an anti-fraud unit.’
    • ‘The Revenue itself received £66 million extra financing for its anti-fraud work in the 2003 budget.’
    • ‘Figure 4 summarizes the five fundamental elements of any anti-fraud strategy.’
    • ‘Daniels said he supports the president's anti-fraud initiative in social programs.’
    • ‘In the interim, the state also adopted some anti-fraud measures for voting (picture IDs).’
    • ‘To start with, the EU's antifraud unit is not independent enough.’
    • ‘The founder of an anti-fraud website has himself become the victim of credit card fraud.’
    • ‘Scarborough's anti-fraud team previously left the job of prosecuting fraudsters to the police.’
    • ‘With each new anti-fraud test, opportunistic olive oil importers discover new ways to get around the rule.’
    • ‘An anti-fraud agency, which inspects food stores, reported them.’
    • ‘The anti-fraud devices will be incorporated in national qualification certificates due to be sent out by the Scottish Qualifications Authority on Tuesday.’
    • ‘For many years, it was a largely symbolic response to the problem of fraud, rather than a serious anti-fraud unit.’
    • ‘It said the hotline was the first step in its anti-fraud campaign.’
    • ‘It makes you wonder why they used the anti-spam law at all, rather than using more time-tested anti-fraud laws.’
    • ‘Voting requires an anonymous ballot, which means that most of our anti-fraud systems from the financial world don't apply to voting.’
    • ‘They mentioned that, by law, there has always been an anti-fraud device on the ballot paper, even with traditional elections.’
    • ‘What I really want to question here is the implication that anti-fraud measures will systematically harm the Democrats more than the Republicans.’
    • ‘It employs aggressive anti-fraud techniques to protect your money.’



/ˌantēˈfrôd/ /ˌæntiˈfrɔd/ /ˌantīˈfrôd/ /ˌæntaɪˈfrɔd/