Definition of antilife in English:



  • Opposed to or restricting the full development of life.

    ‘the new industrial age was antilife’
    • ‘It is opposed by an anti-life mentality as is seen in contraception, abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.’
    • ‘There are (at least!) two other huge problems with this kind of thinking: First, any stance that treats children as punishment is anti-family, anti-life, and deeply anti-Christian.’
    • ‘It's melodramatic to see him as an anti-life force, as his young lover evidently did, but it probably took someone of her strength to reject his ethos as completely as she did, both personally and in her writing.’
    • ‘He refused to be a part of anything that was false, that was anti-life, anti-love, but he was loathe to talk about it in terms like that, not wanting to trivialize it, to make it sound trite, as I've done by talking about it here.’
    • ‘Of the whole array of anti-life agenda items, assisted suicide receives the greatest level of support in public opinion polling, undoubtedly because it is seen as the least coercive.’
    • ‘I suggest the initial step to halting this demoralising slide toward an anti-life state philosophy is available to us today.’
    • ‘This may seem like a slightly extreme view, but the older I get, the more I realise that the Media is anti-life and anti-God.’
    • ‘The world we live in is anti-life in its priority on profits and wage-slavery.’
    • ‘This is at the real heart of the problem - not whether people are categorised as pro- or anti-life.’
    • ‘As indicated by Heath's pejorative terms ‘joyless, under-sexed, anti-life, anti-youth, and anti-progress’ the movement advanced its cause by denigrating those outside of it.’
    • ‘The problem remains, however, that the maximisation of profits is the whole ‘reason for being’ of companies working within the corporate capitalist system, and this goal is inherently unsustainable and in fact anti-life.’
    • ‘The NRA also claims that more dual carriageways and motorways will save lives, suggesting that the nonconformists are, if not anti-life, at least prepared to turn a blind eye to protect their own interests.’
    • ‘In this sense, he saw scientific psychology as anti-life: the more the critical reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes; but the more myth we are capable of making conscious, the more life we integrate.’
    • ‘No, it is an anti-life, anti-human theoretical abstraction that denies our common humanity, our inherent interests, and our individual preferences.’
    • ‘‘All dictatorships are sexually repressive and anti-life,’ he claims.’
    • ‘However, the desire to preserve the solar system in its primordial condition is not only anti-human, but anti-life as well.’
    • ‘No, the real problem with her is that she is so anti-life.’
    • ‘If you don't give up this anti-life behavior, something awful is bound to happen.’
    • ‘The end result of an anti-body, anti-life view is not Christian at all but actually Gnostic.’
    • ‘It may not be enjoyable for all involved, but death is part of a cycle and an anti-death stance is also an anti-life stance.’



/ˈantēlīf/ /ˈæntilaɪf/ /ˈan(t)ē līf/ /ˈæn(t)i laɪf/