Definition of antilog in English:


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short for antilogarithm
‘Levels of all metals were transformed logarithmically for the analysis, and results are presented as geometric means (the antilog of the mean of the log values) - adjusted by groups of age and sex - and their 95% confidence intervals.’
  • ‘The antilog of the slope of this line represented average annual survival for that age interval.’
  • ‘This entailed entering the proportion of clutches initiated in each month into the Shannon-Wiener diversity formula and then taking the antilog of the diversity value.’
  • ‘For the geometric mean, the lower and upper confidence limits are obtained by considering the antilog of the above limits.’
  • ‘This is the antilog in terms of the original unit of measurement that defines the 50th percentile.’



/ˈan(t)ēˌlôɡ/ /ˈæn(t)iˌlɔɡ/ /ˈanˌtīˌlôɡ/ /ˈænˌtaɪˌlɔɡ/