Definition of antinovel in English:



  • A novel in which the conventions and traditions of the genre are studiously avoided.

    • ‘The exemplary works of artistic autonomy were, for Adorno, the ‘experimental’ works of modernism, especially the music of Arnold Schoenberg and in literature the antinovels of Samuel Beckett.’
    • ‘It's novel and antinovel, locked in carnal embrace, and fighting it out for the earthly vehicle of the author.’
    • ‘But Rowson's Tristram Shandy is an antinovel not about WRITING but about READING Sterne's Tristram Shandy.’
    • ‘Speedboat blurred traditional narrative and character development with the authority of a French antinovel.’
    • ‘The antinovel was invented by the French.’
    • ‘The antinovel usually fragments and distorts the experience of its characters, forcing the reader to construct the reality of the story from a disordered narrative.’
    • ‘In this regard, he treats the history and nature of parody, antinovels, pastiches, caricatures, commentary, allusion, imitations, and other textual relations.’
    • ‘The nouveau roman or new novel, sometimes called the antinovel, dispensed with previous notions of plot, character, style, theme, psychology, chronology, and message.’
    • ‘But, unlike Sterne and Joyce, and even the French antinovels of the 1960's, this lacks a real narrative.’
    • ‘Stone recognizes that the antinovels lack basic elements, ‘… they are similarly without characters, plots, beginnings, or endings.’’
    • ‘And one of its vigorous genres is precisely the antinovel.’
    • ‘Given that this particular antinovel is also an exploration of the chaotic subconscious of two schizophrenics, its sensate sex-and-violence imagery becomes doubly significant: a stream of subconsciousness that describes waking dreams while feeling like one.’
    • ‘Characteristics of Post-Modernism: reaction against an ordered view of the world eclectic writing style, often using parody development of such concepts as the absurd, the anti-hero, antinovel, magic realism, proliferation of critical theories such as deconstructionism’
    • ‘1928 Aleksandar Vuco publishes the novel Koren vida (The Root of Vision), and Marko Ristic his antinovel Bez mere.’