Definition of antiparallel in English:



  • Parallel but moving or oriented in opposite directions.

    ‘Electrons that have spins in the antiparallel direction are strongly scattered, which results in a high resistance.’
    • ‘When the field is turned back on, an initially parallel spin will end up antiparallel and vice versa.’
    • ‘The double-stranded helices are either parallel or antiparallel and exist in a variety of conformations of different lengths and numbers of residues per turn.’
    • ‘These latter structures can be left- or right-handed, they can be parallel or antiparallel, and they can have a differing number of residues per turn.’
    • ‘Also no difference in the packing of the hydrophobic core between the parallel and antiparallel orientations was expected.’



/ˌanˌtīˈperəˌlel/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈpɛrəˌlɛl/ /ˌan(t)ēˈperəˌlel/ /ˌæn(t)iˈpɛrəˌlɛl/