Definition of antipiracy in English:



  • 1Designed to prevent the unauthorized use or reproduction of copyright material.

    ‘the music industry's antipiracy campaign’
    • ‘Ironically, the firm concerned was a producer of anti-piracy products.’
    • ‘Well, now, starting today, EMI is making its digital download available without anti-piracy software.’
    • ‘The Federation will also use the occasion to intensify its anti-piracy drive among school children.’
    • ‘The BPI said no information gathered by the software is sent to anti-piracy agencies.’
    • ‘The copies I bought have all the glistening anti-piracy labels.’
    • ‘Concerned good citizens who think they may have discovered some nefarious doings should email the anti piracy team here.’
    • ‘Most DVDs begin with a harsh anti-piracy warning from the FBI.’
    • ‘I have been on an anti-piracy rampage for years, being a software developer myself.’
    • ‘At any given time the anti-piracy operation has somewhere in excess of 20 Internet-based or Internet-related targets.’
    • ‘We are in the process of getting these clips removed due to anti-piracy issues.’
    • ‘The Alliance promises to oppose all legislation that might put Uncle Sam in a position to choose anti-piracy schemes for consumers.’
    • ‘This is a good time to explain the great anti-piracy feature.’
    • ‘The US government has seized a Web site that helped people bypass anti-piracy technology to play illegal copies of popular video games.’
    • ‘They embarked on an anti-piracy drive that looked a lot like what the Recording Industry Association of America is currently doing with pirated music.’
    • ‘They feel consumers who have lawfully obtained these files are being negatively affected by these anti-piracy measures.’
    • ‘Generally, it has been the movie industry that has been the prime mover behind legislation requiring the use of anti-piracy devices.’
    • ‘A format war has broken out among online music vendors, with competing compression and anti-piracy software determining what songs play on what devices.’
    • ‘The industry's anti-piracy efforts have largely focused on illegal online music swapping - with estimates suggesting only one in 20 digital downloads is paid for.’
    • ‘A company that produces legitimate and original Internet-only television shows has fallen victim to a particularly aggressive group of anti-piracy protestors.’
    • ‘Hollywood and other industries use the law as a weapon to demand tough anti-piracy protections.’
  • 2Denoting activities or measures designed to prevent or thwart piracy on the seas.

    ‘the law will allow direct involvement by Japanese vessels in antipiracy patrols’
    • ‘The suspect vessel matched the description of a pirate vessel issued by international anti-piracy authorities, Commander Sinha said.’
    • ‘His first boat was HMS Regulus, engaged on anti-piracy patrols on the China station.’
    • ‘Both ships are part of the U. S.-led anti-piracy force operating off the coast of Somalia.’
    • ‘The European Union will today launch a British-led anti-piracy armada off the Horn of Africa in Europe's first joint naval operation.’
    • ‘The EU has set up an anti-piracy naval operation for the Gulf of Aden, headquartered at Northwood, Middlesex.’
    • ‘The European Union said yesterday that a flotilla will begin anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia next week.’
    • ‘The SEALs have been involved in a number of skirmishes along the Cambodian border, and in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Thailand.’
    • ‘They will be used in roles ranging from supporting Customs and the Australian Federal Police to fisheries protection, immigration and anti piracy.’
    • ‘Chinese and US warships already work in tandem and share intelligence in antipiracy operations off the east coast of Africa.’
    • ‘There is every bit as great a need for anti-piracy training for yachts and large pleasure craft as there is for commercial vessels.’
    • ‘Nato and European Union anti-piracy missions have been deployed to repel attacks and give safe passage to merchant and humanitarian shipping traffic.’
    • ‘The Americans can then send this material to other nations in the international antipiracy coalition that may have ships near the suspicious vessel.’
    • ‘In a move to safeguard vital oil shipments, Japan said Friday it will deploy two warships to join anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden.’
    • ‘Yemen lies just 200 miles across the Gulf of Aden from Somalia and is well within reach of pirate crews, who generally have little trouble evading foreign anti-piracy patrols.’
    • ‘The document, drawn up for commanders of the European Union anti-piracy force patrolling off Somalia, also reportedly said that hijackers are avoiding ships sailing under certain flags, including Britain's.’
    • ‘Be it anti-drugs patrols in the Caribbean, anti-piracy patrols off Somalia, mine clearance in the Persian Gulf or intelligence gathering by nuclear-powered attack submarines, naval operations rarely make the news.’
    • ‘An anti-piracy conference leading to joint action by Philippine, Malaysian and Indonesian authorities in the troubled waters would also be a sensible step.’
    • ‘Armed guards aboard the 510 ft ship immediately returned fire and the attack was thwarted, said a spokesman for the European Union's anti-piracy naval fleet.’
    • ‘The United States announced plans two weeks ago for a multinational anti-piracy coalition, and a flotilla from the European Union began patrols in the gulf last month.’
    • ‘A Japanese anti-piracy organization on Tuesday unveiled a new wire device aimed at detecting intruders attempting to sneak aboard a vessel while anchored or sailing.’



/ˌan(t)ēˈpīrəsē/ /ˌæn(t)iˈpaɪrəsi/ /ˌanˌtīˈpīrəsē/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈpaɪrəsi/