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  • 1Relating to or situated on the opposite side of the earth.

    ‘Ancient geographers like Ptolemy presumed that such a place existed, postulating a ‘terra incognita’ that served as an antipodal ballast to their northern land mass.’
    • ‘I must be brave and not let our antipodal friends see the pain I bear at being denied this priceless entertainment.’
    • ‘The same antipodal vision persists in the stories collected by David Malouf under the title of Antipodes.’
    • ‘In both cases, the photographs complement a text that intends to inform metropolitan viewers about antipodal social problems, and in both cases the ambiguity and complexity of the photographs challenge any simple interpretation.’
    • ‘‘Sure, the antipodal geography is incorrect, but it helps turn the idea of a spherical planet from an abstraction into something concrete,’ Musser says.’
    • ‘Being a weather geek now I need to know what the antipodal weather is.’
    • ‘For these maps a region of the northern hemisphere is superimposed with the corresponding antipodal area.’
    • ‘Every location on earth has a counterpart that is directly opposite, called its antipodal point.’
    opposite, opposed, opposing, oppositional, diametrically opposed, extreme, contrary, contradictory, antithetical, antagonistic, conflicting, counterbalancing
    1. 1.1antipodal toDiametrically opposed to.
      ‘This open spatial setting is antipodal to the domestic environs of the healing stories of Peter's mother-in-law and the synagogue leader's daughter.’
      • ‘Finally, Antarctica is antipodal to the Arctic Ocean, mostly, as if its core had been pushed southward.’
      • ‘Heard Island is antipodal to the Canadian province of Saskatchewan which was under ice 12,000 years ago.’
      • ‘Since about 80% of the world's land is antipodal to ocean, this list is necessarily very short.’
      • ‘The U.S mainland is antipodal to the sea that is west of Australia, down near Antarctica.’
      • ‘Australia is actually antipodal to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Tropic of Cancer between the Canary Isles and the Sargasso Sea.’
      • ‘The important observation is that in dimension three Al needs five steps, even if we tell it that the vertex antipodal to his first query is not the sink.’
      • ‘Since this terrain is antipodal to the Caloris Basin, it has been speculated that it may have been caused by a focussing of seismic forces originating from the Caloris impact.’
      • ‘Theorists came up with an explanation for magnetic fields antipodal to impact basins not long after the Apollo measurements hinted at a correlation.’
      • ‘If so, it would be heavier, and it might have punched all the way through Mars to form the Tharsis Uplift, which is antipodal to the center of Hellas.’
      • ‘Slots 11A, 11B are formed through the shaft 11 at points not antipodal to each other, while slots 13A, 13B are formed through the sleeve 13 at points not antipodal to each other.’
      • ‘Once past the halfway point, the wavefront is no longer diverging, it is converging onto a single point, a point which is exactly antipodal to the source.’
      • ‘A basic definition of a world circumnavigation would be a route which covers at least a great circle, and in particular one which passes through at least one pair of points antipodal to each other.’
      • ‘Although Easter Island is antipodal to the Indus Valley, it is more nearly antipodal to the unexcavated city of Ganweriwali than to Mohenjo Daro.’
      • ‘Its vertices are R ’, G ’, and B ’, which are the points antipodal to R, G, and B respectively.’
    2. 1.2Botany Relating to or denoting cells formed at the chalazal end of the embryo sac.
      ‘It is, furthermore, the case that the embryo sac itself also exhibits polar organization, with the egg cell and synergids adjacent to the micropyle, while the antipodal cells are found at the opposite chalazal end.’
      • ‘Aposporous embryo sacs were identified easily due to the lack of antipodal cells and because they showed varying positions and orientation within the ovule.’
      • ‘The antipodal cells are much smaller than the other cells of the gametophyte and typically persist beyond anthesis.’
      • ‘The angiosperm female gametophyte, called the embryo sac, consists of four cell types: synergid, antipodal, egg, and central cell.’
      • ‘As expected, using the antipodal amino acid resulted in the generation of a polyamino acid capable of catalysing the formation of the enantiomeric, epoxide with equal stereocontrol’



/anˈtipədl/ /ænˈtɪpədl/