Definition of antiterror in English:



  • Denoting political activities or measures designed to prevent or thwart terrorism.

    ‘the government introduced tough new antiterror laws’
    • ‘The second documentary is called "The Road to Terrorism," looking at anti terror operations in the Philippines.’
    • ‘The city has been receiving mixed signals from the Department of Homeland Security on this year's antiterror grants.’
    • ‘Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld wants to use them for secret antiterror missions around the globe.’
    • ‘In the Senate, the only real action on the antiterror measures was a committee hearing Oct. 7.’
    • ‘Within months of the arrests in August 2006, Western antiterror officials had put together a detailed portrait of the plot.’
    • ‘Creation of an effective worldwide antiterror coalition remains a work in progress.’
    • ‘Intelligence reports indicate that a German-speaking trainer worked with some German suspects, an antiterror source said.’
    • ‘Despite the prime minister's words, there are no signs that the British government plans to change its aggressive antiterror tactics.’
    • ‘Other putative antiterror measures seem more reasonable at first glance.’
    • ‘In the United States, some academics have reportedly been pressured because of their views on the antiterror war.’
    • ‘In some respects the world is becoming more, not less, unstable as a result of the antiterror campaign.’
    • ‘Three men are also under arrest after a major anti terror operation today in London.’
    • ‘The U.S. and Philippine troops concluded a six-month antiterror training exercise in the southern Philippines on July 31.’
    • ‘He has worked hard to brand himself as the antiterror candidate, which should play well in a state with a sizable military vote.’
    • ‘But resistance to the antiterror law, ID system and emergency powers threatened to escalate with protesters taking to the streets against the plans.’
    • ‘The government has also noticed how quiet the protests have been against the antiterror law, which increased the power of law enforcers to act against potential terrorists.’
    • ‘These three measures hardly represent the only examples of migration policies whose efficacy as antiterror tools have been challenged.’
    • ‘Does denying prisoners the protections of international law mock the principles the antiterror coalition is fighting to protect?’
    • ‘This is exactly what government officials have done with bioterror to whip up public support for their antiterror programs.’
    • ‘Judges can't be expected to set antiterror policy.’



/ˌantēˈterər/ /ˌæntiˈtɛrər/ /ˌantīˈterər/ /ˌæntaɪˈtɛrər/