Definition of antitumor in English:



  • Inhibiting the growth of a tumor or tumors.

    ‘in laboratory tests, this genetically altered adenovirus produced encouraging antitumor effects’
    • ‘Apart from its antibacterial action it also has a general antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal and antitumour action.’
    • ‘Vincristine and vinblastine are powerful antitumour drugs in widespread use in cancer chemotherapy.’
    • ‘A systematic study was carried out to evaluate its antitumour efficacy against B16 murine melanoma.’
    • ‘Many derivatives of ellipticine have been synthesized in an attempt to improve the antitumour properties of this plant alkaloid.’
    • ‘The compound MPTQ appeared to have antitumour, antiinflammatory and analgesic activity.’
    • ‘The study will also employ a variety of imaging techniques and specific investigations aimed at exploring anti-tumour efficacy.’
    • ‘The drug then reinvigorates patients' anti-tumour immune response and promotes shrinkage of the tumour.’
    • ‘Antioxidant enzymes in cancer cells, such as GPx, GR, and especially TrxR, are major targets for recent antitumor drug studies.’
    • ‘The researchers evaluated additional tumor markers and confirmed antitumor activity.’
    • ‘Tumors suck up so much cholesterol that LDL has been considered a vehicle for delivering antitumor drugs to cancer cells.’



/ˌan(t)ēˈto͞omər/ /ˌæn(t)iˈtumər/ /ˌanˌtīˈto͞omər/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈtumər/